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by The Crick

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released June 12, 2014



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The Crick

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Track Name: movies
I'm playing movies of things that are happening when i am not there and i feel insecure and compare behind scenes to your highlight reels til I'm a social contortionist it's emotion extortion
everybody needs to like me and no one can fight me if I'm passive aggressive sarcastic reclusive and run from these fears all these years til there's nobody left who comes near
sarcasm is my only friend in the end
i am the tree that falls in the forest when no one is listening or respects my position or my point of view i am anxious subdued as i fall from this wall that I've tritely accrued
Track Name: bus stops & coffee shops
wasting my time waiting in lines pretend we're free of ideas of luxury but we're both frauds for wanting so much more than we ever could afford
life's just bus stops and coffee shops no smoking signs church parking lots and no one saved me i just failed at authentic misery i'm too lazy to be free i just wait and watch what happens to me and i never asked for any of this i worked so hard for loneliness
there's a hole six feet deep where my soul will finally get some sleep so for now i just sit and watch tv cause there's plenty of time to dream
Track Name: life's not fair
I'm a contradicting self-defeating speck of apathy cancer forming issue ignoring phony friend of the enemy
but its not all depraving theres always more in the making must've been something worth saving if life were fair i would not be breathing
i was thieving lying and cheating caring only about me taking for granted all that i had became a slave to my ego and disease
Track Name: ceefgee
i glued three chords together now i can't play them apart so every song i do sounds like the one i wrote for you
my whole discography is obsessive monotony it goes c f g
and so it seems we'll march to separate beats but i know somewhere's the key that fits my harmony
Track Name: home sweet home
wait until the morning comes to see if you are on the run but i know the answer's yes cause i heard you getting dressed patter on the window pane let's me know you're in the rain so i turn my head and smile cause this bed is warm and dry
peeking from my bed and looking in the corner of the room but all that i can see's a former friend that i can call but i don't even wanna even bother picking up the phone
i absolve you of back rent for the spaces in my head send a post card from the road of stories surviving though never told in my stale and stagnant fold you know where to find me at the home sweet home
Track Name: burning my candle at both ends
i used to party every night show up to work and feel just fine i never got real sick or felt real tired id just punch the clock and adjust my high
people said they needed their eight hours but i never knew what they were talking about
even after i got clean and daytime meant responsibility i'd set alarms but not to sleep just to pause the dvd
you wouldn't recognize me without these lines or the big black bags beneath both of my eyes
i value my time alone and i can't miss out on fun with friends so I'm burning my candle at both ends
the only time i write a song is late at night or early morn i can't discern the two can't draw a line but I'm no stranger to sunrise
it might not seem so crucial to you but someone's gotta pace around this room
i still have such time to waste and you might say i wear myself thin when I'm burning my candle at both ends
Track Name: pirate song
petey the pirate lived with his parents panhandling a pittance just paces from the port perched with no purpose he's jealous of patrons with patches and peg legs from far away places he thinks
that will never be me the ocean it is but a dream from penzance ill never be free and then he heard in his cup a curious clink
a medallion the likes that he never did see affording a crew and a ship perhaps a fleet the young pirate he did still not believe as he ran for the shore after he sprang to his feet
as he looked out at the glistening expansive retreat his excitement was drowned by a young pirate's fears he watched his fortune sink to where he could not retrieve and in the blink of an eye he awoke from this dream
waves crashed over petey alone in his barrel the stars were replaced by a monster's tentacles coming down on a thunderous crash on his survival with his last gasp of air petey's eyes never wider he thought
as i die alone here at sea penzance is just a distant memory the monster he has truly set me free from fear and regret of never being me
Track Name: road song
at the end of the road we are thumb tacks on the map because every place we called home has been burnt to the ground
i left tonight on a southbound train with no ticket to ride but ill never say that I'm sorry i left cause i just couldn't stay and settle for less than what might be at the end of the road
don't see no point in coming back to this town if i take the next step it's met with fresh ground and i don't need to know no attachments no more i never knew a friend who hasn't settled the score at the end of the road
i stick my thumb out to the road headed for the salty air of the coast every familiar face is a ghost I'm not sure ill make it but I'm not sure i won't