Stop The Tape

by The Crick

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inspired on thursday, written on tuesday, recorded live on saturday


released December 19, 2016

on this particular Saturday the crick was Sean, Nicole, Jesse, and Justin
thanks Justin for letting us record and eat Thai food in your apt



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The Crick

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Track Name: brooklyn
there's a station on the 3 train
where the cell service comes in spotty
and that is where I first received
transmission from your fantasy
hadn't thought much of it then
with no idea of what's in store
though you've been distant then again
I just stood clear of closing doors
felt for the key inside my pocket
my bike I hope I locked it
knew a walk back from Penn station
would get me home too late and
it'd be another day
before I could say
all the things I meant were true
but deep down knew weren't meant for you

there's one way out
no matter how hard you try
one way out
from berlin or bedstuy
there's no faster way lose yourself in someone else
than leaving like you're running out of time
there's one way out
of this life

I considered decorations
in the busy subway station
by the sign that said wet paint
throw a fresh coat of twisted brains
that wouldn't get my point across
that I am mostly better off
plus the guy that cleans the walls
never made long distance calls
faked another smile
for the lady with a child
who was holding up a line
of people pushing through turnstiles
no I am in no rush
it is just pointless
long island might as well be in another universe
Track Name: clarksville
And the truth is my present won't let me forget my past controls my future any way you spin it, count em, my days are numbered
They go from four to five hours of broken sleep is hard to get up every morning, oh, elusive slumber
Why don't you run away
I won't forget your face
Not today
If I want this to work I have to give up everything i love how I feel needed, and by the way, i should have mentioned
The list you left for me of all the things you wanted me to fix your tender heart is healed, with one exception
Why don't you run away
I won't forget your name
Not today
I'll listen at your door just to see if everythings ok I might have hoped for more but maybe more will come
Chances transfer from life to life is not that cut and dry, not black and white, not clear, not obvious to some
Why don't you run away
I promise I can wait
On today
Lay your head right here love
Give me all your fear love
I will stay right here love
How could I ever fear love?
Track Name: berlin
Its gone
But not forgotten
Left here to rot in
This basement apartment
Where we would lay
Ignoring the taste
Of stale Saturdays
And vacant refrains
So you call
From miles away
And I had no words
I couldn't think
Of what to say
So I create
If you're listening
Stop the tape

Still holding on
To an unfinished song
Its time to perform
Show 'em you're strong
How's that new place?
The one where no one pays
Hell, we all need our space
But someone always pays

So I'll take my pain
And you take your space
Never see me again
Never leave Berlin
I'll take my pain
Track Name: long island
Stopped taking medicine
Thought that I knew better than
Everything that got me outa then
So I stopped reaping benefits
I thought that you couldn't leave again
Locked up in what I'd been living in

Never again

I stopped making lists of things
thought that I knew better than
Everything that got me outa there
And I stopped leaving messages
Of all the things that were happening
In my oblivion

Never again

If I cannot stop myself
Unlock the shock and tell
Why we forgot ourselves
And if there's hope for health
Not before letting go
If ill be holding you
Ever again

Never again